User's Guide

About CircNet

CircNet (version 2.0) collects over 10,000 samples from 26 human cancers . It utilizes several most reliable bioinformatics-based circRNA detecting algorithms in recent years, which will guarantee high accuracy of the circRNA identification and annotation. In addition, the target miRNA of the circRNA sponge was predicted with the full-length sequence of circRNA by 3 reliable tools. We also integrated 384,897 experimentally verified miRNA target interactions (MTIs) from miRTarBase. Therefore, CircNet (version 2.0) contains a high-quality circRNA-miRNA-gene regulatory network. Furthermore, CircNet (version 2.0) provides a powerful and friendly web interface for data presentation, search, and visualization. If you have any questions and commends, welcome to contact us by "".

Search Methods

Circnet 2.0 provides users with a series of methods to search for interested circRNAs with basic search, or search by BLAST, cancer type, CircBase ID and host gene. Mature miRNAs and gene symbols are also available.

Basic Search

Basic search in Circnet 2.0 enables users to search for interested circRNAs with the circRNA sequence position. After input the circRNA id with one click, CircNet 2.0 will provide annotation of a circRNA, expression of circRNA and interact miRNA, and detail information of circRNA-miRNA-gene regulatory network. User can also click on any node of network to browse and zoom in the network.

Search by CircBase ID

In the case study shown in the figure, (a)CircRNA hsa_circ_0001955 is converted to CircNet id chr15:64203082|64216713 using "Search by CircBase ID", and we can see the circRNA annotation with another click. (b)In the network page of chr15:64203082|64216713, we can find the has-miR-145-5p is predicted as the target of circRNA by targetScan, which is correspond to the result of precious research. And we can find all 3 target genes are proved as the interaction target of has-miR-145-5p in our network.